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How to change any folder’s icon in Mac


You might wake up one day, turning on your Macbook and say, “Oh my God, my icons are so lame” or “These icons are so not me”. Well, as a matter of fact, you could make your Mac awesome again. Here is how you could change any folder’s icon in Mac into whatever icon you like.


Step 1: Search the image of interest at Google Image search:

Make sure you search for PNG files with transparent background. Images with backgrounds will not make an awesome icon for your folder. Trust me!

Step 2: Choose the folder that you would like to change its icon and open its properties by pressing CMD + i.Click on any folder and press ‘CMD + i’ to open its properties.

Step 3: Open the PNG image that you have downloaded with Preview. In Preview, click on Rectangular Selection, then press CMD + A to select all the image. Then, press CMD + C to copy the image into clipboard as described in the following figure. The go to the folder properties window, click on the folder icon located at the top left corner, then press CMD + V to paste the copied PNG image as described by the number 3 in the following figure.There you have it! Your folder icon is now has been replaced with the PNG image that you have downloaded from the internet.New folder icon!But, hey wait! As I was preparing the screenshots for this tutorial, I’ve discovered a much easier way to do this. So here goes the second method to change a folder’s icon in Mac.

METHOD 2 (Much easier way!)

Step 1: So first go to Google Image search, and search for your image of interest. For example here, I was looking for a nice camcorder image for my ‘vids’ folder, the folder where I store my downloaded videos. When you have found the right image, click on it and select ‘View image’.Search for your image of interest in Google Image search. When you have found the right image, click on it and select ‘View image’.Then, your browser will open that image within the browser. What you need to do is basically right click on the image and select ‘Copy image’.When your browser has opened the image, right click on in and select ‘Copy image’.

Step 2: Then, go to the folder that you wanna change its icon, select the folder, press CMD + i to open its properties. Click on the folder icon located at top left corner of the folder properties window, and simply press CMD + V to paste the copied image to replace the original folder icon. Voila!Paste the copied image on top of the original folder icon to replace it.Now you can have awesome looking folders like what I have here:Folders with awesome icons in Mac.Have fun customizing your icons!

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