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How To: Get Old Facebook Look Back?

These days facebook is changing a lot, you might have seen news on “New look of Facebook” and “New look of Facebook for android?

but if you are one of those who don’t like this new update by facebook team than there are many alternative solutions for you to try out. the best you like that you can use it. Below are some alternative that you can try it out so do let us know which one you find is the best?

Solution : 1

This a temporary patch to come back to the old facebook layout,Follow the below step and you will able to get the old layout back :

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and log in.
  2. On on top right side click on Down Arrow.
  3. Go to Account Settings.
  4. In general category >> Languages >> Select other than “English(US)”.
  5. you can select English(UK).

But this solution is for temporary period of time. Facebook team will soon make it clear.

Solution : 2 (Google Chrome User)

If you are using Google Chrome browser than there are extension that you can use to get the old facebook look back.

Note : The below 2 extension will only hide the News Ticker bar not the Navigation Bar.

Extension 1 :

Download and Install Facebook News Ticker Remover.

If you also want to remove that new navigation bar than use the below extension :

Extension 3 :

Remove Navigation bar extension.

Solution : 3 (For Firefox Users)

To Install this you need to have Greasemonkey in you Firefox. Download it and install this add-on first and restart your browser.

And after that install this small script

This will only remove the News ticker not the navigation bar,if i will find some other script to remove navigation bar than surely i will share it.

You opinion on this are welcome, please comment below to know what you think about this?


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